Helping Faith-Based Entrepreneurs build Visibility, Establish Solid Business Strategy & Prosper Abundantly in your God-Ordained Assignment!

I'm ready for the Shift... 

Have you been asking yourself....


How do I merge my Faith with what I do without losing potential business?


With all the advice online, what should I be focusing on "right now" to build my business?


How can I build Wealth as a believer without feeling guilty or greedy?


What key activities and strategies should I be focused on to bring the Vision forth?

If you said yes to any of the above, know that we dealt with the same questions and spent the last few years seeking answers so that we can finally honor God's call on our lives, and now we want to help you do the same.

Who You Are:

You're a talented, gifted, brilliant Entrepreneur filled with Expertise, but you have a few key challenges...

  • You know that God has called you to do something that doesn't look like what everyone else is doing, but you need help with how to bring it to life
  • You're tired of battling between where God is leading you and what others say you should be doing, and you're ready to be in full alignment with God's will and purpose for your life (and in your business)
  • You've been playing small, so very few people know who you are and what you have to offer and you're ready to operate BOLDLY to be the Powerhouse you know God has called you to be.
  • You're filled with tons of powerful ideas and insights but you second-guess everything because you're overwhelmed on where to start, what to do and when to do it

Bottom line, You're ready to walk in Bold Faith to finally bring forth all that God has inspired you to create in your life and in your business and you want to do things God's way!

What You'll Experience:

The Inner Circle Business Community is specifically designed for Faith-Based Entrepreneurs as a safe space where we are committed to building our business according to the Word of God. Here's what you'll experience:

Building a Business in Alignment with who God created you to be...

Do you find yourself second-guessing a lot of things that you want to do because you're in conflict with "what people say" versus "where God is leading you"?.. You're not alone. This community is designed to hold you accountable to focusing on your God-Idea versus the Good Ideas and mute out all the outside noise.

Unlearn the Worlds way of Building and tap in to God's Supernatural Success Formula

The way the world teaches us to do things is often in conflict with where God is leading us and when you find yourself trying to follow trends and advice from Influencers, you may find that it leads you down a path of distraction and in some cases financial disruption. We will show you how to unlearn the world's ways to tap into God's promises and path!

Overcome Overwhelm, Get Divine Clarity, and Create Hyper-Focus

God is not the author of confusion and living in limbo about what to do is not God's will. We will show you how to get Divine Clarity, overcome feelings of overwhelm and move with urgency with hyper-focus to execute on where God leads you.

Escape the Hustle & Grind mentality and build a business with Grace & Ease

Forcing things to happen, and living under a place of stress when building out your Vision is not in alignment with God's will. We will show you how to operate from a place of Grace & Ease versus a Hustle & Grind mentality.

Operate with Divine Business Strategies that produce results, impact & transformation

You are called, chosen and qualified to do what you do. God wants to give you divine strategies to allow you to stand out in the marketplace and not blend in. Yes we need to understand the mechanics of what we need to execute on to make things happen, and we'll show you how.

Provide Community and Accountability Sessions to help support you

One thing we know about building a business as an Entrepreneur is that YOU CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE. We can try to figure things out, buy courses, attend webinars and go to events, but it really does take a Village & Tribe to support you in building a business. We have created a container that is designed to provide the love, support, and camaraderie to help us all win.

Here's what you can expect to receive when you enroll in the Inner Circle...


You no longer have to worry about what to focus on with your business. Our roadmaps will show you exactly what to focus on to grow your business


You no longer have to wonder about the "How-To's". Our team of Experts with Proven Results host trainings monthly on multiple subjects


Need guidance and support? Join us on our Live Coaching & Hot Seat sessions where we'll help you problem-solve and discover solutions to support exactly what you need based on where you are.


Building your business the right way requires specific systems and processes. We'll provide you with templates for key systems you'll need


Wandering what tools you need, who to hire and where to find additional resources? We have a Rolodex that will get you to 6 & 7 figures.


You don't have to do business alone. We're here to support you and we work as a village to support each other on our team huddles & calls

Are you ready to build the Business God has Gifted you and Positioned you to build?

Click the link below to join The Inner Cirlce!